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Thermaflo Testimonial

"They were very good at laying out the marketing communications plan and following through on all the items in it."
     Michael Fioretti, President
     Thermaflo, Springfield, MA

Thermaflo is a young company involved in the recovery and recycling of CFC refrigerants. Thermaflo's primary product is the OZsaver(tm) Light recovery unit, but when President Michael Fioretti first approached The Momentum Group his company had neither a product line nor the money to start one.

"We needed someone to handle all our marketing communication needs."

His first assignment for Momentum was to obtain funding for a startup enterprise. Thermaflo also needed to know more about the market potential for recovery equipment, which captures ozone-depleting CFC's from refrigeration equipment during servicing so they do not vent freely into the atmosphere.

"They're good idea people and good at executing the plan they have created."

Momentum conducted market research among heating, ventilating, and air conditioning distributors and found that while recovery equipment was already in the market, distributors would welcome a new portable, lightweight unit. The finding was crucial to Thermaflo's market entry decision.
Moving quickly with product manufacturing, distribution and sales, Thermaflo asked Momentum for a marketing communications plan to support its efforts. As Mike Fioretti recalls, "We needed someone to handle all of our marketing communication needs. There was no one in house to do it. We have salesmen and we have engineers, but we don't really have any marketing people.
"We looked to Momentum for ideas and strategies on how to market our products, including advertising, promotion, PR, product labeling, all that. They're good idea people and good at executing the plan that they have created. In terms of laying things out and seeing where things have to go, and following through on all the items in the plan, organizationally, they were very strong."

"Organizationally they were very strong."

Among the accomplishments which have helped Thermaflo with a successful product launch, a full page ad created by Momentum has received a readership award for advertising excellence from an industry trade magazine and has helped Thermaflo greatly surpass its initial sales projections.

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