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H&V Testimonial

"The new literature came out better than anything our company had done before, in my opinion."
     Doug Klauber, Vice President of Technology
     Hollingsworth & Vose Company

Hollingsworth & Vose Company makes technical products including high-efficiency filtration media for worldwide applications. But since its output is used anonymously in someone else's branded filters, H&V had a real challenge when it came to promoting its good name.
Doug Klauber brought that challenge to The Momentum Group when he was General Manager of H&V's High-Efficiency & Specialty Filtration division.

"They try to understand your business as well as you do."

Momentum started with market communications planning. From that foundation, market and corporate brochures have been produced, along with four-color publication ads and graphics for industry trade shows.
Doug was impressed by Momentum's approach. "They basically interview you. They try to understand your business as well as you do so that when they write the copy and design the graphics, they have a better feel for the message you are trying to get across."
"I could work closely with them...and really end up with the best product..."
"It was quite evident in the [first] piece they did that they had captured the essence of what I wanted. I could work closely with them and really end up with the best product-the right pictures and the right copy."
After his positive experience, Doug suggested Momentum for the next big H&V project, a corporate capability brochure. That went well, too. "The corporate piece came out better than we could have hoped. Momentum convinced us to make the hard decisions, take the time and spend the money to do a quality piece as opposed to just cranking something through."

"...Momentum added a warmth and texture to our image..."

"In the past, these pieces would have used high gloss paper. By taking that glossiness away, Momentum added a warmth and texture to our image that is different from what other companies
present. The new literature came out better than anything our company has done before, in my opinion.
"When we go to the big national trade shows, we have three high quality pieces to hand out. They get our message across and present us as we want to be seen."

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