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Galileo Testimonial

"They've generated a tremendous number of leads, [helping us] determine that there is a market for this technology."
     Bill Hanley, CEO
     Galileo Corporation, Sturbridge, MA

A few years ago, Galileo Corporation of Sturbridge, Mass. invented a unique capability for coating tungsten wire with a smooth layer of glass. The company developed a successful business around this technology, based on a single customer. When Galileo sought to expand its customer base, it asked The Momentum Group to find out: Does anybody else need glass-coated wire? Who? In what markets? How do we reach them?

"We've always been looking for a lasting, long-term relationship..."

The Momentum Group was chosen because, as Galileo CEO Bill Hanley tells it, "We've always been looking for [a] lasting, long-term relationship that could support our marketing programs. They made a positive impression on me."
Momentum started with telephone research. Five hundred people were surveyed in various fields. Their responses laid the groundwork for an advertising program using publications known as strong lead-producers.

"We've had, to this point, over 500 leads from engineers..."

Scott Farland, Sales Manager of Galileo's Office Products Group, explains what happens next. "When leads come in from readers, they go directly to The Momentum Group. They call everyone and screen them, gauging the level of interest. Then they pass the best ones on to us, at a guaranteed rate of four a week. We've had, to this point, over 500 leads from engineers, research and development associates and scientists."

"They did exactly what we asked them to do, and beyond in many cases."

Dozens of companies are currently in negotiation; several others have become customers. Scott feels Momentum deserves a grade of "Excellent. They've done exactly what we've asked them to do, and beyond in many cases. They've been incredibly enthusiastic. Very professional. Insightful. They have been an excellent partner to our company."
Bill Hanley agrees. "From my perspective it's been very positive. The bottom line is we're pleased with the job they've done for us."

"They've been incredibly enthusiastic. Very professional. Insightful."

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