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CASTion Testimonial

"It was a huge challenge...but now we're on the map in our target industry and already at proposal stage with leads from our first ad."
     John Gannon, President and CEO
     CASTion Corporation

John Gannon describes himself as a career sales/marketing professional who knew exactly what he wanted in the ad agency he would select to put start-up CASTion Corporation on the map in record time. CASTion manufactures wastewater recovery systems for the metal finishing industry.
John Gannon knew he needed an agency that understood market positioning and competitive positioning and found it at The Momentum Group.

"Momentum makes it very, very clear they are part of the religion called competitive positioning, so I knew we spoke the same language from the start."

"In the category of small world," says Gannon, "Karen Wilson and Ken Furst of The Momentum Group articulate the philosophy advanced by Trout and Ries - the founders of the ad agency that did Monsanto's corporate work when I was there as a Senior Product Marketing Director!"
"I needed an agency that could create, in a very compressed period of time, a new corporate identity, an aggressive advertising campaign and a full literature package."
Momentum delivered the expertise and the fast track to meet the challenge. Development of the CASTion name was the first milestone. The fledgling company sought a name that reflected its technology, Controlled Atmosphere Separation Technology, thus the trademarked acronym "CAST" was born. The corporate name also had to be high tech sounding, very distinctive and easy to remember. "Ion," the term for charged atoms, was added to complete the name.
The way President Gannon sees it, "Momentum made CASTion and its projects a top priority. It was not easy because of the time pressure. We had no time for adjustments. It had to be right the first time ... it had to be good, it had to be focused, it had to be on target. Some sparks flew, but I found Momentum to be amicable and very reasonable when it came to finding mutually agreeable solutions."

"I give Momentum huge credit for their creative talent...the visual quality and appearance of our website, our ads, our product literatures all exceed our expectations."

The professional image projected by CASTion's advertising and support literature is extremely important to John Gannon. He sees CASTion's enhanced credibility reflected daily in the attitudes of his customers.
"It sounds like we're patting ourselves on the back," Gannon says, "but we know this campaign is going to be successful." Although the advertising program is still in its embryonic stage, CASTion is already experiencing positive results.

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