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Carlin Testimonial
"The results were substantial. We grew 34% the first year and 38% the second year, all during a down market."
    Hermann Hinterhaeuser,
    Executive Vice President
    Carlin Combustion Technology, Inc.,
    East Longmeadow, MA

When Dale Phelon bought Carlin, a fine old New England manufacturer of oil burners for residential and commercial heating, the first mission was to pull the company out of Chapter 11. He enlisted Hermann Hinterhaeuser, an experienced international executive with turnaround expertise. As the first heating season approached, the squeeze was on: Wash away the red ink and power up sales, or a famous name in oil burners would become history.

"Momentum's advertising carried the flag, helping us immensely. After we established a comfort zone, we were able to sell."

Momentum was hired to conduct hundreds of phone interviews and facilitate market planning with the Carlin team spearheaded by Bob Mercer, Vice President of Sales. Mercer had his plate full with sales to original equipment manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers, so Momentum jump-started an aggressive campaign using a direct mail package to the distribution channel. The message: "Carlin Gives A Shirt." Advertising featured testimonials by key dealers to demonstrate dealer confidence in Carlin - a confidence that had been uncovered in Momentum's market research.
Carlin needed - and received -hard-hitting dealer support programs to give the entire distribution chain the sales tools that were badly needed.

"Momentum worked with the trade media and won Carlin an important cover story in its most influential trade publication."

The entire campaign worked quickly and well. First, it was founded on strong research. Second, it was a team effort - between Carlin's sales force, who understood the realities in the burner market, and Momentum marketers, who provided marketing tools and creative materials.
Hermann Hinterhaeuser confirms the importance of the entire effort. "The results were substantial. We grew 34% the first year and 38% the second year, all during a down market."
Vice President Mercer agrees, "It took all of us to make the turnaround. The Carlin burner is a great product. We got the support we needed and sales grew exponentially. Our OEM's are sitting up and taking notice. Dealers are placing orders."

"We were so busy, it was hard getting focus. Momentum made us focus and helped with strategies."

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