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Bank of W. Mass Testimonial

"What you hear from Momentum is not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear!"
     Timothy Crimmins, President
     The Bank of Western Massachusetts

"We have been a different kind of bank, servicing the needs of small and medium size business - not a household word to the average person on the street," explains Timothy Crimmins, President of The Bank of Western Massachusetts. Yet, to its business borrowers, this bank is not only a provider of capital, but uniquely qualified to help your business grow.

The U. S. Small Business Administration named The Bank of Western Massachusetts #1 small business friendly bank in the state.

According to Timothy Crimmins and proclaimed by billboards throughout the Pioneer Valley, "The bank recently topped the half billion mark in terms of new loans it has originated since its beginning in 1987." He credits The Momentum Group's help, saying, "Momentum developed a very consistent, professional image which has built credibility for the bank in our marketplace.

"We made the change to Momentum to upgrade and professionalize our advertising and communications to the marketplace."

"The Momentum Group formulates the creative campaign themes for all Bank of Western Massachusetts media advertising. They handle our brochures and design our annual report. The bank has been a Momentum client for eight years."
In the category of what stands out as exceptional, President Crimmins cites two campaigns in particular. He identifies the bank's tenth birthday celebration as a milestone in solidifying the bank's image by showing that it had "arrived and matured." He also points to the successful billboard advertising that highlighted the large total dollar amount of loans the bank has originated. The campaign has enhanced the bank's reputation in the business community.
"The Momentum Group has lived up to our expectations overall and has been very responsive and creative. Most significantly, Momentum has changed how we look at ourselves. They are very objective in their view of The Bank of Western Massachusetts and our competition.

"Momentum keeps the bank anchored in reality."

"Consistency has been there right along in the look of the advertising Momentum provides - in the style of it, right down to the typeface. That consistency translates into a favorable overall image for the bank and brand recognition is very important to us."

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